Monday, July 30, 2012


what is true happiness 

and how do you know if you have it  ? 

using this definition : having a sense of confidence

or satisfaction with either a person, arrangement or situation .

by using this statement we may come to the conclusion  that outside influences possibly have an effect on or to what degree we experience happiness

but does there exist a true happiness that comes from with-in and is independent of external forces having a lack of power in determining our measure of happiness .

can each or everyone obtain it , does it come from a  spiritual state of mind or is it gifted through years of experiences making a change to an individual's view of life .

is it permanent or fleeting . if lost can it be found .
to what value do we place on it's presents and to what extent do we pass knowledge of it's benefits along.
                                                  barbara larque' sisneros

just curious thoughts : about what girl's gotta love


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Steph said...

I have searched for never ending happiness all my life. I have bouts of happiness, but maybe it is just the perception that changes, or needs to be changed.