Sunday, July 8, 2012


movie trivia

according to rotten tomatoes this film got a high 88% on the tomatometer
 box office grossed 53.6 million

remake of a classic 1957 western

my favorite line 

❝  i've been standing on one leg for three damn years ,
waiting for god to do me a favor and he ain't listening . ❞

this rancher struggles on his draught plagued ranch
amidst the harsh conditions of the arizona territory in the 1800 hundreds
hoping for a chance to save his land and family
he hires out to escort a notorious outlaw to justice
along the journey relationships develop and deepen
driven by the good of principle and personal integrity respect is granted
pride and admiration is won

another great line

❝ just remember your old man walked ben wade 
to that station when nobody else would . ❞

nothing like a great movie with family and friends

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