Tuesday, July 31, 2012


in a stack or one by one ?

with butter and syrup

jam or jelly

some have told me you haven' experienced gourmet without an egg on top

my thoughts on pancakes
 you gotta eat a stack early in the morning catching the rising of the sun ツenjoy 

Monday, July 30, 2012


what is true happiness 

and how do you know if you have it  ? 

using this definition : having a sense of confidence

or satisfaction with either a person, arrangement or situation .

by using this statement we may come to the conclusion  that outside influences possibly have an effect on or to what degree we experience happiness

but does there exist a true happiness that comes from with-in and is independent of external forces having a lack of power in determining our measure of happiness .

can each or everyone obtain it , does it come from a  spiritual state of mind or is it gifted through years of experiences making a change to an individual's view of life .

is it permanent or fleeting . if lost can it be found .
to what value do we place on it's presents and to what extent do we pass knowledge of it's benefits along.
                                                  barbara larque' sisneros

just curious thoughts : about what girl's gotta love


Sunday, July 22, 2012


get outta dodge 

famous last words of marshal matt dillion , dodge city kansas

 to outlaws that refused to obey the law

seventy-one year old samuel willliams
 took the bite out of
 two young whippersnappers as they tried there terrorizing act out
 on patrons in an attempted hold up of a local flordia internet cafe
on july thirteenth ,  two thousand twelve .

get outta dodge
or so you might think , was the mind set of these two young would be
law breakers as within seconds they were ushered scampering out the front door
totally taken by surprise by the efforts of one senior citizen that sat quietly
 in the back until all hell broke forth

we don't put up with that behavior in our town

license to carry , williams bravely whips out his gun and sent bullets
flying making two hit before sending these bad boys to the arms of justice
a act of gallantry making marshal dillion of dodge city ,  kansas proud

                                                      written by : barbara larque' sisneros

no this is not a run from " what would you do ? " with abc news john quinones

 but actual footage as it is happening

what girl's love : ladies are you wondering

is this guy available

tip is this movie material howard could take to the bank

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


looking hot , staying cool and keeping healthy

keeping a step ahead with summer essentials  

are you protected in styles of the latest trend

serious fashioners stock up on colorful tees , flip flops , shorts and capri's
all part of a wardrobe that make summer memorable and fun
yes a time for looking hot while managing to stay cool and hopefully healthy

just remember with so much exposure in the blistering summer's heat
we need to take serious precaution from dangerous sun uva and uvb rays

 yes , we find ourselves smack in the middle of the month of july
with record breaking temperature's recorded in 28 states
in the u.s. alone not counting records accumulated from across the globe
so we hesitate to believe that the finale month of summer will be any cooler .

hopefully we have already invested in the summer essentials that
make us look super hot yet keep our bodies cool and healthy

one of the most trendiest of essentials ,  the large floppy straw hat
not only is it a must to keep facial skin youthful and glowing
 but it envisions us with the prestigious elegance of the french riviera

next on the list of essentials ,  what puts the f in fabulous quicker than a pair
of over sized bold hollywood rimmed pair of shades
in style this season ,  cat eyes of the 50's and the round styles of the 70 's
either one a total must for protecting precious eyes from harmful uv rays

another needed essential now available ,  the adorable cover up for swim suits
 not only fantastic for protecting against over exposure to harmful rays
but easily can be worn from the pool to almost anywhere without changing .
style permitting of course !!

 the highest of essentials recommended to keep our bodies safe and healthy
 last but most important , sunscreens and lip balms spf 15 or above
 applied 30 minutes before exposure and reapplied every 2 hours or after getting wet

look hot while staying in style, soak up precious rays that promote feeling's of being alive
but  do so safely and stay healthy while doing it

 a goal : fill our globe with beautiful happy healthy people

staying young , looking beautiful and being healthy
what every girl loves

Friday, July 13, 2012


you've heard it said there's a thin line between love and hate

to each his own the perception

if it is to be so ,  could you say love ever existed at all 
love of the deepest degree ,  self sacrificing .
or in a fuller sense a  
giving of the most precious of possessions ,  life itself 

 in striking contrast of the above description of love .
hate which can be defined as a passionate disliking
works deeply within the heart and mind ,
and can bring on actions from overtly avoiding
 to committing heinous crime .

questioning the statement or meaning of what is stated ,
could we express the " line " as possibly a turning ,
where love may at one time existed but is no more .

 better yet say,  perhaps may not ever existed at all .

 feeling's of love are not superficial as infatuation ,
the description as being an intense short lived passion .

it is so much more , an indescribable need of completing
 one's self with the being of another .
 involving deep emotion and
exhausting energies of heart , soul and mind .

being the case , with the giving of so much of one's self
 is there a need or expectation for something in return ?
could feelings of rejection or disappointment create  the "line "
when efforts go unnoticed or not immediately appreciated

 is love to be measured out or is there a limit on love
 could that amount determine where love stops and hate begins

or is the " line " simply a term contrasting between two feelings
love and hate
no incorrect answer
the statement and how it's perceived is simply up to you

                                                               barbara larque' sisneros

just a thought to ponder

Sunday, July 8, 2012


movie trivia

according to rotten tomatoes this film got a high 88% on the tomatometer
 box office grossed 53.6 million

remake of a classic 1957 western

my favorite line 

❝  i've been standing on one leg for three damn years ,
waiting for god to do me a favor and he ain't listening . ❞

this rancher struggles on his draught plagued ranch
amidst the harsh conditions of the arizona territory in the 1800 hundreds
hoping for a chance to save his land and family
he hires out to escort a notorious outlaw to justice
along the journey relationships develop and deepen
driven by the good of principle and personal integrity respect is granted
pride and admiration is won

another great line

❝ just remember your old man walked ben wade 
to that station when nobody else would . ❞

nothing like a great movie with family and friends

Tuesday, July 3, 2012



quick enough

just throw together a healthy summer salad

here's the plan
for a quick lunch or dinner
 cutting the calories
and making healthy choices 

you choice one from each list
drizzle with your choice of salad dressing

your choice of greens ❤ spinach ❤ romaine ❤ boston ❤ turnip ❤ collard ❤
 ❤ mustard ❤ kale ❤ boy choy ❤ dandelion ❤ endive ❤ radicchio ❤

your choice of nuts ❤ walnuts ❤ almonds ❤ pecans ❤ pumpkin seeds ❤
❤ sunflower seeds ❤ pine nuts ❤ peanuts ❤

  your choice of veggies ❤ carrots ❤ cucumber ❤ green pepper ❤
❤ broccoli ❤ cauliflower ❤ corn ❤ scallions ❤ grape tomato ❤

your choice of fruit ❤ raspberries ❤ apples ❤ strawberries ❤ grapes ❤
❤ blueberries ❤ cantaloupe ❤ mandarin orange ❤ mango ❤ papaya ❤    
❤  pomegranate ❤

photo of the lunch i threw together

bon app′etit good health to you with smiles シ