Friday, July 13, 2012


you've heard it said there's a thin line between love and hate

to each his own the perception

if it is to be so ,  could you say love ever existed at all 
love of the deepest degree ,  self sacrificing .
or in a fuller sense a  
giving of the most precious of possessions ,  life itself 

 in striking contrast of the above description of love .
hate which can be defined as a passionate disliking
works deeply within the heart and mind ,
and can bring on actions from overtly avoiding
 to committing heinous crime .

questioning the statement or meaning of what is stated ,
could we express the " line " as possibly a turning ,
where love may at one time existed but is no more .

 better yet say,  perhaps may not ever existed at all .

 feeling's of love are not superficial as infatuation ,
the description as being an intense short lived passion .

it is so much more , an indescribable need of completing
 one's self with the being of another .
 involving deep emotion and
exhausting energies of heart , soul and mind .

being the case , with the giving of so much of one's self
 is there a need or expectation for something in return ?
could feelings of rejection or disappointment create  the "line "
when efforts go unnoticed or not immediately appreciated

 is love to be measured out or is there a limit on love
 could that amount determine where love stops and hate begins

or is the " line " simply a term contrasting between two feelings
love and hate
no incorrect answer
the statement and how it's perceived is simply up to you

                                                               barbara larque' sisneros

just a thought to ponder

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