Saturday, June 23, 2012


what girl doesn't love a beauty tip : 

 few minutes a day for healthier skin dry brushing

breaks up nasty toxin build up inside skin tissue cells
 and prepares them to be washed away

to increase circulation and stimulates lymph flow
with the added plus of exfoliating dead dry skin cells
 message skin with a dry natural bristle long handle brush 
gentle to semi firm circular motion on the legs , thighs and buttocks
tummy and sides of chest continuing over top of breast
 just under the collar bone and
  stopping just short of the center of the chest .

 never forget the importance of regular exercise routine
awareness of a healthy diet
and your recommended amount of water to keep your body hydrated .
little changes make a difference
good  health to you .


quotes that bring out that special you

when someone does something good ......... applaud you will make two people happy   samuel goldwyn

 opportunities are all around
really there's nothing to it , why not try it 
let's start with a
  friend , family member or acquaintance 
whether it be simple , trivial or minute 
even more deserving
 something entirely done quite out of the ordinary 
 certainly that is well worth your recognition 

 how about a stranger
 make it a point to applaud a total stranger 
their capabilities , talents , potential or flair
which is totally unknown to you
 is what makes the whole experience unique
 either young or old , friend , stranger or foe
a simple gesture as a smile , hand or tip of the hat
be in charge , make it happen , brighten the day .  シsmiles

                                                                                             © 2012 barbara larque' sisneros

Monday, June 11, 2012


all about choices 

and we love them

our very own little shimmering pot of gold
luscious chocolates melts 
pearly tones of melons ,  passionate peaches
precious corals , rich caramels n coppers 
 sparkling sexy berries and luxuriant tempting greens   

these mineral shadows that can be applied to eyes 
 cheeks or body for a little shimmer of fun 

how do you choose which one you want

i'd have mega bucks
if i only had stock in just one of the 
cosmetic companies that supply beauty products for women . 
it's all about choices 
and we definitely make them
not one of us has only one of anything
we hoard cosmetic bags filled with make-up 

and throw in that free gift bag with a purchase 
seems to drive most girl's insane .

what girl's love