Friday, March 30, 2012


                              Take a bite out of this
                          (recipe included)

                         and  you  will  definitely go  back to
                        those nostalgic moments of the fifties .
            when life seem to be somewhat less than complicated. 
                and dreams of the future just beyond the horizon.

                  rock n rollin was certainly high on the love list ,
             as girls dolled up in poodle skirts with bobbie socks
               twisted and strolled across the dance floor to the        
                 sounds of the artists that immortalized an era .
             there too was always something special about those 
                   fantastic cherry colas at the soda pop shoppe.
                hanging with friends and singing doo wop along
                  with the top ten tunes selected on the jute box.

             and those ever so unforgettable nights cruising main 
               seated on the right hand side of that dreamy hunk ,
                tight black leather jacket and greased back crew 
                 his arm wrapped around your shoulder so tight . 

               yes ,  those were the days of the drive-in theaters ,
                         popular fifties model chevrolet cars
                 flip hairdo styles and tight petal pushers capris
                         and don't forget about that hula hoop !!!
                    how your hips swing and swayed for hours 
            trying to keep that hoop orbiting around your waist
                    in that continuous perfect circular motion
          might keep that in mind , after a slice of the following :
            provided  and written for you by : © 2012 barbara larque' sisneros

chocolate cherry cola cake
                  1 jar ( 10 oz ) maraschino cherries , drained
                                   reserve 1/4 cup set aside
           1 box betty crocker super moist devil's food cake mix
                          1 cup cherry cola carbonated drink
                                     1/2 cup vegetable oil
                                                 3 eggs
              1 container betty crocker whipped vanilla frosting
                                  1cup marshmallow creme
                24 maraschino cherries with stems , well drained

   1. heat oven to 325゜F .  spray bottom only of 13x9 pan with 
        spray and flour.  chop 10 oz bottle of cherries ,  set aside.

   2. in a large bowl . beat cake  mix , cherry cola beverage , oil ,
       eggs and 1/4 cup reserved cherry liquid with electric mixer
      on low for 30 seconds. then medium speed 2 minutes , stir in 
                               chopped cherries .  pour in pan.

   3. bake 34 to 42 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center
              comes out clean.  cool completely ,  about 1 hour.

   4. in small bowl , mix frosting mix and marshmallow cream
       until smooth.  frost cake .  top each piece with 2 cherries 
                          with stems. store loosely covered.

     note : for chocolate covered dipped cherries ,  melt 1/4 cup 
      semisweet chips and 1 teaspoon shortening in microwave 
       stir . dip well drained cherries with stems into chocolate . 
                                        refrigerate to set .

                               recipe collected from

Friday, March 16, 2012



                           what makes the difference

                             between those three little words

              what girl's love is to   FEEL   those three little words
                                                 i love you.



Thursday, March 15, 2012


                                    girl's love em shoes

                   quote by marilyn monroe

                    " give a girl the right shoes
                   and she can conquer the world. "                   
                                                marilyn monroe

                       nothing brings a smile to    
                   a girl's face faster than a great
                          looking pair of shoes.
                                     we love our shoes  
                                       caviar by alex marie


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


                                 ENCOURAGING REMINDERS
                        You .......... YEAH I'M TALKING TO YOU !
and don't you forget it.

             As spring approaches and summer not far behind. 
                 We find our self shedding that all to comfortable
                 winter wardrobe. The majority of us ... have to say
                              NOT TO HAPPY with what we find. 
                                 NOW IT TIME FOR THE PLAN. 
                Turning to those dreaded fad food diets and hopes
                 of cramming several weeks of gruesome exercise 
               routines into those unthinkable approaching months.
                 and whatever on the list of plan can go on and on. 
                   I mean don't stop planning .......... but start loving
                                      WHO YOU REALLY ARE
                You have more than an out side. You have an inside.
                and that's what those who really matter ............ SEE
                So while your preparing for those fantastic months
                just laying ahead. Execute the plan to diet, exercise
                or whatever the need may be. Just remember to take 
                those few extra moments to look in that mirror and 
                remind yourself  just how outrageously awesome .... 
                                          you ALREADY are !!!!
              provided and written just for you by : © 2012 barbara larque' sisneros


Saturday, March 10, 2012


bonds of the heart


                              girl's bonds are of the heart                            

 building lasting relationships
sharing hopes and dreams
laughter and tears
and with confidence
revealing the darkest of secrets
HUGS AD kisses Photo

  always there with a listening ear
  offering advise but never judging
taking the time to listen
to the simple things
just to make you smile
heartfelt bonds of friendship

are truly what girl's love


Wednesday, March 7, 2012



                    Lucy anxiously waited for the mail to arrive.
                 As she looked at her watch she couldn't help but
                       look back at this past year of her life and 
                 reminisce over the struggles that had brought her
                                       to this very moment . 
                          A teen age pregnancy in her senior year  
                  certainly wasn't something that she had planned.     
         Revealing this dark secret to her parents was one the most
             difficult moments she would ever have to endured
                       As she waited images of her parents faces
                                  laid heavy across her heart 
                Fearing the possibility of disappointing them again
                                    Was to painful to imagine
                           As the carrier stopped and placed the
                   anticipated letter into Lucy's trembling hands
                     She closed her eyes and slowly tore it open.
             After reading the contents she turned and walked away
                  That evening as she sat quietly through dinner
             she didn't have much to say, but slowly removed the
             the letter from her pocket and slid it across the table.
                             Her parents looked at each other  

              Upon opening the letter and examining the content, 
     both looked up across the table at Lucy who was now smiling
                 as never before, she had passed her senior year.                 
                                         Definitely not the best of grades 
                            but certainly one that would do

          Feelings of accomplishment was certainly earned that day. 
          But as Lucy turned to walked away from the tears and    
                                    smothering  embraces of her parents
                                   She knew " what she most cherished "
              Was the pride she saw upon both her parent's face
              provided and written just for you by: © 2012 barbara larque' sisneros                                                               

HUGS AD kisses photo

Sunday, March 4, 2012


                                  Keep Sakes From the Past
   Sophie brushed back her hair as she examined the items she pulled from her closet trying to decide what she would keep or give to the upcoming " clean sweep event " that her and the neighborhood organized each spring for their favorite charity. 
              She couldn't help but smile at herself as she wondered how
       she allowed so much to accumulate to such a point as this.
          As she sorted ... her eyes focus on a shoe box. 
          A flood of emotions raced through her as she reached out 
       and removed it's cover . For within it's space " unforgotten 
       memories " loving wrapped in red tissue paper wait to be
       awakened from the past of what seemed to be so long ago.

          Tears ran down her cheek as she removed the contents 
       of the box one by one and thoughts of a summer of romance 
       now filled her mind.

           A photograph, heart shaped locket on a silver chain, 
        dried rose petals pressed inside a book of poetry and an 
        envelope that held the sweetest expressions of love that 
        only her eyes had been allowed to see. 

           She stared into the eyes of the young handsome man,
        then smiling took the locket and slipped the chain over 
        her head. Slowly she unfolded the letter and began to
        read. The tears mixed with smiles and laughter welled up
        inside her, now broke free. She sat there silently for what 
        seemed to be an eternity thinking of the boy, her youth 
        and " unforgotten memories " of that summer of romance.

           Sophie took the letter held it to her chest for just a brief 
        moment. Carefully folding it she placed it securely back 
        into the box. The locket around her neck she passionately
        kissed before returning it to the red tissue paper that had
        held it safe for so many years. Finally taking one last look at 
        the photo she uttered this prayer ......

           A prayer of well wishes and safe keeping, long life of
        love and happiness and "unforgotten memories " from 
        time to time.

           Keep sakes are what every girl loves ...  
        Stored in a simple shoe box, expensive safety box or 
        just locked away inside her heart. 

            Cherish your keepsakes and " unforgotten memories. "
                provided and written just for you by : © 2012 barbara larque sisneros

lesson's learned in life photo