Sunday, July 22, 2012


get outta dodge 

famous last words of marshal matt dillion , dodge city kansas

 to outlaws that refused to obey the law

seventy-one year old samuel willliams
 took the bite out of
 two young whippersnappers as they tried there terrorizing act out
 on patrons in an attempted hold up of a local flordia internet cafe
on july thirteenth ,  two thousand twelve .

get outta dodge
or so you might think , was the mind set of these two young would be
law breakers as within seconds they were ushered scampering out the front door
totally taken by surprise by the efforts of one senior citizen that sat quietly
 in the back until all hell broke forth

we don't put up with that behavior in our town

license to carry , williams bravely whips out his gun and sent bullets
flying making two hit before sending these bad boys to the arms of justice
a act of gallantry making marshal dillion of dodge city ,  kansas proud

                                                      written by : barbara larque' sisneros

no this is not a run from " what would you do ? " with abc news john quinones

 but actual footage as it is happening

what girl's love : ladies are you wondering

is this guy available

tip is this movie material howard could take to the bank

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