Thursday, May 31, 2012


beautiful outsides
start with healthy insides

are you drinking your daily dosage of water .

with hotter temperatures just ahead
and those extra hours exposing ourselves 
 to the most intense rays of that summer sun
we definitely need to be reminded
 to drink our daily dosage of water.
some individuals dose may be more than others
depending on physical activities .
 not thirsty, it's important to drink anyway .
at least eight to ten glasses daily 
some researchers report more .

the health benefits of hydrating the body far out weigh  
  the taste that so many complain about
so put down that sugar contaminated drink and indulge
in what going to make a phenomenal difference 
in your inward health as well as your outward appearance 

a hydrated body aids repair of and new cell growth 
carries nutrients into the blood stream
dilutes and removes toxins and waste from our body
aids metabolism  and eliminates  body fat .

signs of a dehydrated body include
excessive body fat , poor muscle tone , dry skin
 dull hair and brittle nails

so lets make it a point to carry a bottle of water 
without it we drink only when thirsty
with it we remind ourselves we need it to be healthy 
your daily dosage of water are you drinking it
we all need just a little reminder from time to time .

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