Wednesday, March 7, 2012



                    Lucy anxiously waited for the mail to arrive.
                 As she looked at her watch she couldn't help but
                       look back at this past year of her life and 
                 reminisce over the struggles that had brought her
                                       to this very moment . 
                          A teen age pregnancy in her senior year  
                  certainly wasn't something that she had planned.     
         Revealing this dark secret to her parents was one the most
             difficult moments she would ever have to endured
                       As she waited images of her parents faces
                                  laid heavy across her heart 
                Fearing the possibility of disappointing them again
                                    Was to painful to imagine
                           As the carrier stopped and placed the
                   anticipated letter into Lucy's trembling hands
                     She closed her eyes and slowly tore it open.
             After reading the contents she turned and walked away
                  That evening as she sat quietly through dinner
             she didn't have much to say, but slowly removed the
             the letter from her pocket and slid it across the table.
                             Her parents looked at each other  

              Upon opening the letter and examining the content, 
     both looked up across the table at Lucy who was now smiling
                 as never before, she had passed her senior year.                 
                                         Definitely not the best of grades 
                            but certainly one that would do

          Feelings of accomplishment was certainly earned that day. 
          But as Lucy turned to walked away from the tears and    
                                    smothering  embraces of her parents
                                   She knew " what she most cherished "
              Was the pride she saw upon both her parent's face
              provided and written just for you by: © 2012 barbara larque' sisneros                                                               

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